Field trip to Municipal Solid Waste Facility

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pic 1BIOL 2421 Microbiology for Science Major class took a field trip on March 26th, 2012 at 6.15 p.m. with a goal of being aware of and also the real life implication of solid wastes on the microbes, human subjects, animals, plants and environment. Also, to get a first hand look at the details of the methods for the solid waste disposal procedure and its impact on the microorganisms, environment and also public health. It is a multifaceted exercise directly related to syllabus topics detailing the microbial world and its implication in real life.

Students were enthusiastic and explored the answers to these questions: An over view of the process of waste disposal, what is the purpose of having the solid waste disposal? Do any of these objects get recycled? Do you test the soil and water in the area for any microorganisms? What are the requirements for the land to consider as solid waste disposal site? What standard need to meet by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-US) to keep this land fills fully functional? Does this landfill accept “Biohazard or Medical waste? Do you monitor radioactivity? How long will it take for this landfill to get filled to no longer accept the solid waste? Do you monitor level of “Radon” emission in this site? What is the benefit of having a local solid waste disposal site? How long does it take for the solid waste to get decomposed? Does your facility utilize any chemicals or any microbes to speed up the process? What kind of safety procedure in place to protect the environmental contamination so that the air and water over Eagle Pass not contaminated? Why this location? So far away from city limits? Does it have to be like this? How much solid waste accepted by the landfill on a daily basis? pic 2

The students and instructor (S.Kannan) were accompanied by the entire team of technical staff and the Landfill Manager Mr. Chavez during the tour of the facility. Both the students and instructors were appreciative of the hospitality, warm reception, and kind cooperation with attention to the details of the tour and presentation on the solid waste disposal site #2316.
For further information the landfill manager could be contacted at, Mr. Hector D. Chavez, Landfill Manager, Class A MSW Operator, License #SW0005166, Municipal Solid Waste Facility #2316, 16179 F.M.1021, P.O.BOX 10, El Indio, Texas 78860, Office: 830-757-8191, Email:

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