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There are many ways to partner with SWTJC’s mission to enrich lives and advance growth through the education of our diverse communities.

Sponsor a student or students with the funds going directly to the students.  You have the ability to set the criteria for the students eligible for receiving the funds or we can assist you in establishing this criterion.

An Endowed Scholarship can be established.  An initial contribution of $10,000 qualifies an endowed scholarship.  These funds are invested to earn interest and grow – supporting a corpus that would allow the scholarship to carry forward for a minimum of four semesters.  These scholarships vary from $250 per semester to $1,200 per semester.  The donor has the ability to establish the amount and criteria for eligibility.

Donors may also establish a hybrid donation with a portion of the donation going directly to fund scholarships and the balance funding an endowed scholarship.  As always, the donor has the ability to determine how the funds are allocated and which students are eligible to receive the funds.

We will work with you to design a scholarship that meets all your requirements.

Donations over $10,000 include a named scholarship, listed in the college catalog. Donations less than $10,000 are also eligible to be used as named scholarships (but do not include a catalog listing). 

Additionally, the SWTJC Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) also accepts donations. 

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