Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

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The Marketing Team at Southwest Texas Junior College strives to convey a cohesive brand identity and image by ensuring that all resources maintain standards across all areas of communication. We promote the mission and vision of the college through integrated marketing, messaging, and multi-media journalism. We advocate for the teaching, leadership, research, and innovation taking place at Southwest Texas Junior College.

Our work is prioritized to support the marketing goals and messages of the college as set by the Vice President of Administrative Services. The Marketing Team will seek to provide coverage and communication that may include web promotion, stories, blogs, and other vehicles. 


• Marketing collateral
• Content guidelines
• Feature stories
• Videography
• Photography, including headshots
• Copywriting
• Press releases

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Official logos and graphics for use on SWTJC projects should never be altered by changing official colors, fonts, or adding anything over the official logo. 

Download the SWTJC media tool kit for official logos in various sizes and official alternate colors.


Official SWTJC Colors
Color RGB CMYK Hex Sample
Blue 36, 55, 112 100, 90, 27, 14 #243770  
Red 207, 38, 48 12, 99, 90, 3 #cf2630  
White 255, 255, 255 0, 0, 0, 0 #ffffff  
*Black 0, 0, 0 60, 60, 60, 100 #000000  

*Black is to be used as an accent color.

Download the SWTJC Style Guide for standards on official logos, fonts, and colors.


These policies are for the purpose of providing information about the general guidelines and framework for the creation, use, and maintenance of social media by students and employees of Southwest Texas Junior College. The stated policies are intended to maximize opportunities for educational growth, encourage the development and improvement of educational programs and improve the effectiveness of instruction at all levels, in accordance with the Policy Handbook.

Social Media Policy


Email Signature Guide

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For email signature-related questions, please contact Wade Carpenter at