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Campus Concealed Carry Policy

Concealed Carry Policy

1. Unless noted otherwise in the College’s Campus Concealed Carry Policy, students, faculty, staff, and visitors are permitted to carry a handgun on the campuses and dormitories of SWTJC provided: 

  1. They have a valid handgun license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety or by any state which has reciprocity with Texas;
  2. The firearm is concealed at all times; and
  3. They follow Texas Penal Code 30.06 pertaining to exclusionary zones.

2. Faculty and staff are permitted to carry concealed in College vehicles while in the course of their employment.

3. Open carry of a firearm is not permitted on the campuses of SWTJC.

4. Unattended firearms must be locked at all times inside a storage container designed for that purpose, or alternatively locked inside the license holder’s motor vehicle.

5. Licensed students living in SWTJC dormitories must provide their own locked gun storage container.

6. Exclusionary Zones include areas on campus where the concealed carry of a firearm is not permitted. Notice must be provided in accordance with Texas Penal Code 30.06. The following areas are exclusionary zones:

  1. Child Care Facilities located on campus;
  2. Nursing and Radiology Laboratories (Restriction does not include the classrooms);
  3. Swimming Pool area and dressing rooms in the Physical Education Memorial Building on the Uvalde campus;
  4. La Forge Hall (Includes gymnasium and all physical education areas. Does not include instructors’ offices and access area leading to the offices);
  5. Del Rio campus weight room – Building J;
  6. Testing rooms in the Testing Center located in the R.K. Miller Building on the Uvalde campus;
  7. Testing rooms in Del Rio B-108, B-109 during testing.
  8. Testing rooms in Eagle Pass Building E during testing.
  9. Medina Valley Campus (Leased from Medina Valley I.S.D.);
  10. Pearsall Campus (Leased from Pearsall I.S.D.); and the
  11. Hondo Campus leased from the City of Hondo (If the City determines it will prohibit the possession of firearms in the leased facility and causes the appropriate signage under Texas Penal Code 30.06 to be affixed to the building).
  12. All Libraries. (Board Added)
  13. All cafeterias and snack bars. (Board Added)
  14. Temporary Prohibition: The College President may temporarily prohibit concealed carry handguns at certain events. Temporary exclusions must be submitted to the cabinet for consideration. The Cabinet will then forward a recommendation to the College President. Proper notification and signage will be required.

7. Under the auspices of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), the Advisory Board of the Middle Rio Grande Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy has established the following rule: “Firearms or any weapons are not permitted in the classroom unless required by an instructor, or in full uniform”.

8. The SWTJC Campus Concealed Carry Policy will be “widely” published on the College’s website, College Policy, College Catalog, Student Handbook, and Faculty Handbook.

Board Approved March 23, 2017

Senate Bill 11

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