Law enforcement academy recognizes spring 2019 graduates

Law enforcement academy recognizes spring 2019 graduates

A total of 30 cadets received certificates of completion for the basic peace officer training during the spring 2019 graduation ceremony for the Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy at SWTJC.

The ceremony was held Friday, May 31, at the John Hal Harrell Auditorium at Uvalde High School.

Alpha Class 2019 graduates include Rodolfo Vandrell Barrientos, John Broderick, Robert Jacob Castillo, Desiree Charles, Jorge Cruz, Jr., Randy Ralston Falcon, Alex R. Flores, Julio Angel Fuentes, Jr., Luz Elena Garcia, Inez Guevara, Jr., Enrique Guillen, III, Devin Ray Hughes, Eloisa Jimenez, Reymundo Lara, Marco Luevano, Jr. and Josefa Lugo.

Also graduating are Daniel Emilio Martinez, Greg Martinez, Maritza Martinez Jazmin Lizabeth Ossorio, Marcus Palacios, Juan Geraldo Ramirez, III, Miguel A. Ramon, Martin Alejandro Ramos, Juan Rios, Adrian G. Ruiz, Gerardo Salazar, Jr., Juventino G. Torres, Jr., Diego Valdes, and Joe Martin Zamora.

Amy Maldonado and Emmanuel Zamora, academy instructors, were masters of ceremonies, while SWTJC President, Dr. Hector Gonzales welcomed family, friends and special guests.

Gonzales commended the cadets for enduring 18 weeks of rigorous training.

“You all have a lot to be proud of, you have studied hard, and you have trained. You have been peppered sprayed, you have been tased and all this for the tough job of a peace officer,” said Gonzales. “All this is preparation for the badge you will wear and the gun you will wield. This training will keep you safe, so you can keep us safe.”

All graduates passed the state-licensing exam of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). The class average on the state exam was 86.2 percent.

Uvalde Police Department Chief of Police, Daniel Rodriguez was the guest speaker. Rodriguez, an SWTJC Academy Alumni, has been in law enforcement since 1997.

Class president, Adrian Ruiz also spoke at this year's ceremony, recognizing the academy staff for doing an outstanding job training him and his fellow graduates.

Top graduates recognized for excelling in various aspects of the academy were class valedictorian Daniel Emilio Martinez for the high score on the state exam and John Broderick for the high qualification score in firearms.

Reymundo Lara was recognized with the high qualification score in the driving course, while Robert Jacob Castillo received recognition in mechanics of arrest.

Juan Geraldo Ramirez III was recognized for having the high qualification score in physical fitness.

Jesus R. Suarez, Jr., SWTJC Division Chair of Allied Health and Human Services read the names of all graduates. President Gonzales, Johnny Guzman dean of applied sciences, vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Mark Underwood, SWTJC Chief of Police Johnny Field assisted in the presentation of certificates of completion to all members of the class.

After the presentation of certificates, four graduates were pinned with their respective badges from the agencies which have hired them.

Sabinal Police Department Chief of Police, Jesus Reyes pinned Josefa Lugo; Edwards County Sheriff Pamela Elliott and Real County Sheriff Nathan Johnson pinned Adrian Ruiz and Uvalde County Sheriff, Charles Mendeke pinned Reymundo Lara and Miguel Ramon.

A small reception for the graduates, family, and friends was held immediately following the ceremony.

Currently, the law enforcement academy is accepting applications for the 2019 Fall Academy, which is scheduled to begin the first week of August in Uvalde.