Board takes action on broad range of topics at November meeting

Board takes action on broad range of topics at November meeting


Uvalde, TX, – SWTJC board of trustees had a busy night acting on a multitude of agenda items during their regular session on Thursday (Nov. 16) in Uvalde.

Board members approved several action items including the financial statement as of Oct. 31; the renewal of the Crystal City facilities note; the ratification of the lease agreement for the aviation hanger in Del Rio and also approved to modify the Medina Valley lease.

Trustees also voted to go forward with the new Patient Care Technician Level I Certificate, which is proposed to be offered in the fall of 2018 in Uvalde.

Board members voted to reschedule the December board meeting to Dec. 14.

In other business, trustees approved the renewal of the roofing loan for the roof improvements for buildings in Uvalde and Del Rio.

Board members voted to allocate all votes to Tony Moreno to serve as a director of Uvalde County Appraisal District; for Zavala County, all votes were cast for Alejandro Perez of La Pryor and for Real County trustees nominated board member Anita Shackleford to serve as a director of the Real County Appraisal District.


Dr. Mitchel Burchfield, developmental studies division chair and Stephanie Cerna, counseling director provided board members with a report on 4DX on their respective teams. 

Dr. Mark Underwood, vice president of student affairs, reported on the progress of the pathways plan.

Derek Sandoval, vice president of administrative services, gave an update on the current status of the Garner Science Building, which was closed due to several gas leaks, and a deteriorating exhaust system.

According to Sandoval, the gas leaks have been repaired and certified. Currently, mechanical engineers are working on a plan for a ventilation system that will meet building standards.

SWTJC President, Hector Gonzales reported to the board on meetings with Crystal City Independent School District, Medina Valley Independent School District, Dilley and Knippa administration and with Texas Workforce Commissioner.