Phi Theta Kappa members host a summer camp for local kids

Phi Theta Kappa members host a summer camp for local kids

The Eagle Pass Phi Theta Kappa club hosted a two-week summer camp for 36 students from the local elementary schools, which began June 18 and ran through June 29 at the Eagle Pass campus. PHOTOS

The summer camp was a result of research conducted on children and their education path toward college, which was part of Phi Theta Kappa’s annual Honors in Action Project.

The research led members to realize that the pivotal ages in changing the college mindset in children is between nine through eleven. Upon gathering this information, the honor society members decided to hold a summer camp, which would promote the local college, utilize project-based learning techniques, and foster relationships within their community.

PTK members decided on the dates, duration, activities, enrollment, staff and faculty involvement during the spring semester, and the Harry Potter theme. 

The college classroom that housed the camp for its two-week duration was transformed into Hogwarts of the Harry Potter movies.

Students were supplied with bags, which included a research notebook, composition book, SWTJC pens and pencils, and a novel.

Campers participated in a myriad of activities throughout the camp. Diana Rodriguez, SWTJC Writing Center Coordinator gave writing lessons and tips to the students. 

“Mrs. Rodriguez even held a creative writing contest for all of the campers, the three winners were awarded Walmart gift-cards,” said Phi Theta Kappa Advisor Valerie Acuna-Ruiz.

English instructor Ruiz and Dennie Johnson gave the students lessons in English which included figurative language, poetry, and plot.

Other activities also included a scavenger hunt, reading sessions, a mini Nerd Bowl, and a spelling bee.

During the second week campers participated in a STEM session, which included class experiments, math lessons with math instructor Victor Munoz and the dissection of a cat during a college biology lab with instructor Armando Jesus Mondragon.

Students also had a research session with the humanities club, Biology lab, computer lessons, and personal science fair projects.

“It has been a joy working with these 36 campers,” said Ruiz. “Campers will were invited to come back and continue their research project with the PTK club during the fall semester” 

Phi Theta Kappa members have also committed to offering weekly tutoring sessions to campers throughout the school year.