SWTJC announces rollout of new strategic plan

SWTJC announces rollout of new strategic plan

Uvalde, TX, May 3, 2021 - The 2021-2026 strategic plan, which has been in development over the last year, will be rolled out in May 2021.

Shortly before the pandemic, a mid-plan review of the existing strategic plan was conducted. The review revealed that targets were met or exceeded for all objectives. However, as the pandemic set in, the administrative team, led by SWTJC President Dr. Hector Gonzales were compelled to look at processes, procedures, and data differently.

"We learned that we are resilient as an institution and that we were innovative in the way that we navigated the pandemic," said Gonzales.

The myriad of changes in providing instruction and services during the pandemic prompted a refresh of the college's mission, values, and strategic plan earlier than scheduled.

The new plan focuses on three goals, which include: 
1. Start/Enroll: SWTJC will foster a sense of inclusivity and engagement for all students and stakeholders with empathy, care, and outreach.
2. Persist/Succeed: SWTJC will champion opportunities for student success.
3. Complete/Ascend: SWTJC will increase personal, professional, and community growth through expanding opportunities.

During April's college board meeting Dr. Randa Schell, chief of staff, who coordinates the implementation of the strategic plan, proposed the measurable objectives and improvement targets developed by the strategic planning team.

The objectives focus on improving enrollment efficiency and capacity, enhancing student sense of connection, increasing the number of students reaching success points goals, increasing persistence, completion, transfer, and job placement, and developing a structure for strategic innovation.

Board members approved the objectives as presented.

The strategic plan team is comprised of vice presidents, deans, division chairs, and faculty/staff representatives.

To take a detailed look at the strategic plan, follow this link.