Welding technology team earns grand champion at student cook-off event

Welding technology team earns grand champion at student cook-off event

Uvalde, TX, March 8, 2024 - SWTJC Welding Technology’s team Dime on Dimes BBQ emerged victorious as the 2024 "Grillin’ with the President Grand Champions," showcasing their exceptional cooking skills. Not far behind, the SWTJC Cosmetology Club's "Barbie Q's & Kens" earned the title of reserved grand champions, displaying their culinary expertise. PHOTOS

A total of 35 teams took part in the cooking contest, each tasked with preparing and presenting a half chicken, ribs, and fajitas. The panel of judges comprised members of the faculty, staff, administration, and the local community, ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation of the entries.

Adding to the excitement, the office of recruitment and engagement organized a spirited cornhole tournament, concluding in an exhibition match between the championship team and SWTJC President Dr. Hector Gonzales and SWTJC Registrar Steve Martinez. The victorious cornhole tournament champions were Richard Langley, an HVAC student, and Karina Arellano, a cosmetology student.

The primary objective of the "Grillin’ with the President" event was to foster student engagement, creating meaningful connections between faculty, staff, and students. Such events contribute significantly to the vibrant community spirit at SWTJC, promoting a sense of togetherness and shared experiences.

The event not only showcased the talents of the participants but also exemplified the strong sense of community and collaboration at SWTJC.

SWTJC looks forward to hosting similar events in the future, further strengthening the bonds within the college community, and creating memorable experiences for all involved.