SWTJC resumes face-to-face classes

SWTJC resumes face-to-face classes

Uvalde, TX - January 28, 2022 - Dear SWTJC Faculty, Staff, and Students

As we prepare for our in-person, face-to-face courses beginning Monday, January 31, the SWTJC Re Open committee wishes you a happy and safe return.

Here is some information and guidance regarding COVID-19 currently.
The Omicron transmission in our 11-county region has been noticeably high. Although reports of the illness have been milder, SWTJC encourages vaccinations, covid testing, and following all covid precautions like social distancing at 6 ft and wearing a dependable mask. Upon arriving on campus, everyone is required to participate at our check-in stations. These check-in stations will ask for your temperature check and the day color-coordinated wrist band will be required to wear indicating you have no symptoms including a fever. For those who arrive without a mask, a mask will be provided at each check-in station. SWTJC considers a surgical mask to be the bare minimum of a mask (cloth masks are discouraged). The masks that SWTJC recommends are the KN 95 and N95 mask.

If you develop symptoms of Omicron, cough, runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, fatigue, or a headache, you should isolate yourself at home and get a COVID-19 Test. Most communities are offering free testing, home test kits are available for purchase, and SWTJC has free Test Sites at Uvalde, Eagle Pass, and Del Rio Monday through Friday from 9 am- 11 am. SWTJC is following CDC Guidelines and can be found on our College website A 5-day isolation period will cover the highest infectivity case. If you do test positive, it is very important to not return to work or class before completing the 5-day isolation period. Also, visit with your supervisor or faculty member for further instructions.

While COVID-19 is challenging, following covid protocols, getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, and testing is a resolution.


Derek Sandoval
Vice President Administrative Services