SWTJC Uvalde Campus Security Alert Successfully Resolved

SWTJC Uvalde Campus Security Alert Successfully Resolved

Uvalde, TX, August 11, 2023 - In a swift response to a recent security incident, Southwest Texas Junior College (SWTJC) effectively managed a potential threat to the campus community. A concerned staff member reported a suspicious individual wandering the campus, prompting immediate action from SWTJC campus police.

Upon investigation, the campus police determined that there was no credible threat, leading to the issuance of an "All Clear" status. The incident prompted a temporary "Secure" status, during which the Uvalde campus was under heightened security protocols for approximately 20 minutes.

"Safety and security are paramount at SWTJC," emphasized Ismael Martinez, SWTJC Public Relations / Social Media Specialist. "Our institution remains fully committed to protecting our students, faculty, and staff."

SWTJC urges all college community members to stay informed and engaged by downloading the SWTJC Safe App. This essential tool provides instant notifications of security threats, empowering individuals to act swiftly and responsibly in emergency situations.

The "Secure" status, as outlined by the campus security protocol, mandates specific actions for different segments of the college community:

For Students:

  • Immediately return to the inside of the building
  • Conduct regular activities as usual

For Instructors and Staff:

  • Safely escort students, visitors, and colleagues from outside the building
  • Secure exterior doors by locking them
  • Heighten situational awareness
  • Verify the safety of students, visitors, and others
  • Resume regular activities

SWTJC acknowledges the vigilance of its staff and the prompt response of campus police in ensuring the safety of all individuals on campus. The institution remains dedicated to fostering a secure environment conducive to learning and growth.

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