Online New Student Orientation

Given the rise in COVID-19 cases statewide and in the SWTJC service area, all Fall 2020 Academic and Transfer courses will be offered virtually or remotely via Zoom, Teams, or Canvas Conference. These include classes originally scheduled as regular, in-person face-to-face. Technical Program classes will meet virtually for lecture and meet in-person for hands-on labs, observing safety and social distancing procedures.

Online New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is required for all new SWTJC students, whether you are a first time in college student, a dual credit student, or a former dual credit student. Under normal circumstances, orientation is attended in-person and completion is required before registering for classes.

Under the current COVID-19 circumstances, we have transitioned orientation to an online format until we can resume in-person sessions. In addition, students will be able to register for summer 2020 and/or fall 2020 courses before completing orientation, but all subsequent registrations will require completion of new student orientation. As a result, it is both strongly recommended and in your interest, to complete online orientation as soon as possible.

Three (3) steps:

  1. Watch the video below.
    • Get out a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and take notes.
  2. Click on the start quiz button.
    • You must score an 80% or higher to successfully satisfy this requirement. Your completion will not generate until you achieve a score of 80%.
    • Your hold will not be ended until you watch the video and successfully complete the quiz.
  3. Click here to make an appointment with your advisor unless you have already done so.
    Please keep in mind when you make your appointment, that completion results are downloaded at 5:00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays only.