Registrar & Admissions FAQs

How do I obtain my User ID from Self-Service (formerly WebAdvisor)? add

Visit the SWTJC website at On the Login menu, click Self-Service. Select Forgot your password. You may also contact the IT Department Service Desk at (830) 591-7323 or

Do I have to get the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination? add
Yes. Beginning January 2012, all first time students and students that have not attended any Texas college or university during the 2011 fall semester that are under the age of 30 will be required to have the bacterial meningitis vaccination at least 10 days prior to the first day of the semester. Students will not be able to attend class until proof of vaccination is on file in the Admissions office. For more information please visit the Bacterial Meningitis webpage.
Can I register for classes by telephone? add
Students must use Student Planning to register for classes
Why does the registration system say that I have a restriction on my record? add
A restriction will restrict registration and sometimes your ability to obtain an official SWTJC transcript. You may review each hold on your records and learn more about how to have it resolved by logging into your SWTJC Self-Service account.
Why am I unable to drop or withdraw from my class in online services? add
After the schedule change (add/drop) period ends for the session, students can no longer use the telephone or online services to withdraw from a course (see Academic Calendar for semester dates). Students must visit the Admissions Office to complete a withdrawal form in person.
What other tests are approved by the state for TSI purposes? add
Other tests approved by the state of Texas for TSI purposes are the COMPASS, the ASSET, and the Accuplacer. SWTJC offers Accuplacer and Quick THEA exams at the campus Testing Center.
How do I transfer courses from my previous college(s) to SWTJC? add
You must request to have an official transcript sent to SWTJC from your previous college(s) in order to have your coursework transferred. Official transcripts will be evaluated in the order that they are received. Delays for evaluation may occur during peak registration times. Students must complete at least one course at SWTJC before transferred courses are recorded on an SWTJC transcript.
Can I fax my transcript to SWTJC? add
The Office of Admissions will only accept official transcripts. Faxed transcripts are considered unofficial.

Please have an official transcript sent directly from your school(s) to the SWTJC Office of Admissions. The mailing address is 2401 Garner Field Rd, Uvalde, TX 78801. 

How do I prove in-state residency? add
To establish your Texas residency you may provide a copy of your TX Driver’s License along with a copy of a utility bill, mortgage, rental records in your name that are dated 1 year prior to you attending SWTJC. 
I am temporarily absent from Texas, will I lose my status as a Texas resident? add
The temporary absence of a person or a dependent's parent from the state for the purpose of service in the U.S. Armed Forces, Public Health Service, Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, as a result of an employment assignment, or for educational purposes, shall not affect a person's ability to continue to claim that he or she is a domiciliary of this state. The person or the dependent's parent shall provide documentation of the reason for the temporary absence. We will need a letter stating reason for absence and that the person or dependent's residency is still considered to be Texas. 
Why am I being charged more for a class than the last time I registered? add
Students are charged a higher tuition rate for courses that are repeated three times or more.

The “Rule of Three” course tuition rate applies to majority of credit and Continuing Education courses, counting each time a student has taken a course.

Does Southwest Texas Junior College have a bookstore on campus? add
Yes, and their services are also available online, please visit the Bookstore website.
What is the census date? add
The census date is the date in which all student enrollments in classes must be reported to the state of Texas. If you need to know a census date for a specific session, please see the Academic Calendar.
How do I request enrollment verification or complete my student loan deferment with Southwest Texas? add
Students who need to verify their enrollment with SWTJC (example: for parent’s insurance purposes) or to complete a deferment request for a student loan need to wait for the official “census” date deadline. The “census” date, also known as the 12th day of class is when all class rolls are officially reported to the state of Texas on behalf of SWTJC.

Please see the Academic Calendar to find the census date for each respective semester. You may send your enrollment verification (make sure to include all relevant information) or deferment request to Norma Anderson at the Office of Admissions at

What if I disagree with a grade I receive in a course? add
SWTJC has established a time limitation for a student to appeal for a grade change. An incorrectly assigned grade may be appealed by a student up to the end of one academic year following the incorrect grade.
Where can I get a student handbook for Southwest Texas Junior College? add

This handbook is your guide to Southwest Texas Junior College. It identifies the people, place, policies, and programs, which you will come in contact with while you are here. We hope that you will become acquainted with its contents and refer to it often during your stay here. By doing so, you will have taken a first step toward assuring a successful experience at SWTJC.

To download a copy please visit the Student Handbook page.