Start a Pathway Toward a Career with a Focus on Language and Literature

Earning an associate’s degree with coursework in English provides the foundation for a variety of careers that require excellent written communication skills.  If you enjoy creative and/or technical writing or the analysis of literature, an associate’s degree from Southwest Junior College can provide you with communication tools required in a variety of diverse work settings.

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Continue Your Education

An associate’s degree with coursework in English from Southwest Junior College provides the foundation for transfer to a university.  Individuals that complete the course work of a bachelor’s degree with an English major develop strong critical thinking and communication skills required in variety of business and education settings.

Career Opportunities

In today's competitive job market, employers seek professionals who can think critically, analyze content, and write well.  Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in English will possess marketable skills and be prepared to pursue many career paths, including careers in education, editing, law, business, marketing, political science and government, technical writing, journalism, and public relations.

Earning Potential

English Teacher (elementary/secondary) - $53,749*

Technical/Grant Writer - $63,633*

Editor - $43,692*

*Source:, Middle Rio Grande region, 2017