Given the rise in COVID-19 cases statewide and in the SWTJC service area, all Fall 2020 Academic and Transfer courses will be offered virtually or remotely via Zoom, Teams, or Canvas Conference. These include classes originally scheduled as regular, in-person face-to-face. Technical Program classes will meet virtually for lecture and meet in-person for hands-on labs, observing safety and social distancing procedures.


An Associate of Arts (A. A.) is an academic transfer degree designed for students who plan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree that is not math or science-oriented. Examples of this type of four-year degree are Art, Business, English, Humanities, History, Government, Speech, Music, Education, etc.

While certain courses are recommended, the requirements are essentially the 42-hour General Education Core plus electives appropriate for the first two years of many baccalaureate degree programs a student plans to pursue at a particular four-year institution.

Talk to your Academic Advisor about specific courses and their sequence.

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