Give Yourself a Solid Foundation to Build On

Studying philosophy serves as a foundation for several careers including nursing, business, management, law, government, insurance, journalism and education, to name a few. You will study philosophical principles and learn the art of clear and persuasive communication. These skills will help you understand ethics and moral decision making in careers like nursing and religion.

Philosophy Student

Continue Your Education

An associate’s degree with course work in philosophy from Southwest Junior College provides the foundation for transfer to a university. Completion of a bachelor’s degree with a major in philosophy provides an educational foundation for continued study in areas such as law, medicine, and religion.

Career Opportunities

Philosophy majors can have viable careers in public sectors and in local and government positions. The ability to use logical reasoning solving moral problems can help with work related to civil rights, health and human services, public policy, as well as international relations. Philosophers can be journalists, publishers, researchers, ministers, religious or philosophy teachers or counselors in some Christian schools.

Pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy or law may allow you to become a college professor.

Earning Potential

• Reporter - $ 41,187*
• Ministers - $ 50,500*
• Philosophy and religion teachers (postsecondary) - $81,069*

*Source:, 2017 annual median salaries statewide for Texas