Start a Pathway Toward a Career Helping Others

Earning an associate’s degree with coursework in psychology/sociology qualifies you to enter into the mental health professions, yet can also be a doorway into several other career areas (i.e., business, public relations, marketing and education). If you enjoy helping and or working with diverse groups of people and have the desire to study human behavior, you can begin by obtaining an associate’s degree from Southwest Junior College.


Continue Your Education

An associate’s degree with course work in psychology from Southwest Junior College provides the foundation for transfer to a university.  Completion of a bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology or sociology provides an educational foundation for continued study in areas such as social work, counseling, and criminology.  Psychology also serves as a starting point for further education in fields like law or psychiatry.

Career Opportunities

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and/or sociology one could work as an assistant within a psychological program, addictions clinic, or community service agency. Additional opportunities may be available as a human resource professional or educator. A master’s degree opens the door for higher education jobs in colleges and universities. Master’s degrees in counseling, psychology and social work allow for individuals to practice in a counseling center or within the public-school system.

Doctoral level education provides opportunity to work as researcher, professor or psychotherapist.

Earning Potential

Social and Human Service Assistant - $35,645*

Counselor - $57,544*

*Source:, 2017 annual median salaries for the Middle Rio Grande Region.