Start a Pathway Toward a Career with a Focus on Government and History

Earning an associate’s degree with coursework in government/history provides the foundation for work in the private or public sector. This degree provides the foundation for further study in law, politics, or education.

Government Class

Continue Your Education

An associate’s degree with course work in government/history from Southwest Junior College provides the foundation for transfer to a university. Completion of a bachelor’s degree with a major in history/government provides an educational foundation for continued study in areas such as education, law and political science. Completion of a master’s degree opens the door for higher education jobs in colleges and universities.

Career Opportunities

Government and history graduates are found in great numbers among high school and college teachers. Additionally, opportunities exist in the areas of public service, governmental affairs, criminal justice, and law.

Earning Potential

• Attorney - $149,402*
• Postsecondary teacher - $63,116*
• Historian - $69,961
• Secondary school teacher - $57,832

*Source:, 2017 annual median salaries statewide for Texas