Adult Education and Literacy

Adult Education and Literacy

The SWTJC Adult Education and Literacy Program is a federally funded project (since 1973) that provides adults the opportunity to improve their literacy levels and skills, thereby increasing their ability to function in the complex society and job market of the 21st Century. The project operates an 11 county region that includes Dimmit, Edwards, Frio, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick, Medina, Real, Val Verde, Uvalde, and Zavala counties.

What is Adult Education and Literacy?

Adult Education and Literacy provides comprehensive English literacy services with basic instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics to adult learners. In addition, adult education programs provide workplace literacy services and family literacy services. Performance indicators include placement in, retention in, or completion of, postsecondary education, training, employment or career advancement in addition to receipt of a Texas Credential of High School Equivalency or GED. In communities across the Lone Star state, adult students gain the education necessary to find and keep jobs working in the highly-skilled occupations that increasingly characterize the Texas economy. AEL programs help Texans build a strong foundation of academic skills in order to fulfill their roles as workers, parents, and citizens/community members.

How Do Adults Participate in Adult Education and Literacy?

There are several qualifications an individual must meet in order to be eligible to participate in an adult education class. He/she must be at least 17 years of age (16 if court ordered) or older. Additionally, he/she must lack a high school diploma and/or function at or below 12.9 grade education level, and not currently enrolled in secondary school. New to AEL starting in 2018 - 2019 will be the Academy Model approach to ensure that students can more directly identify a program of study within services that address their objectives.

SWTJC-AEL Prime Objective:

Transition to Higher Ed.; Training; and/or the Workforce.

What’s your Why?

I want to learn English.  Why? - to get a job. = Career Academy

I want to get my GED.  Why? – to enroll in college. = College Academy

I want to learn English.  Why? – to get my Citizenship. – Life Academy

Because we are your How.

AEL Models