Technical Programs

Technical Programs

Technical programs are intended to provide students with an education that leads to employment after approximately one or two years. A student may earn a certificate and/or an Associate of Applied Science degree in the programs as listed on the following pages. These programs of study are not intended for transfer; however, some programs have bachelor’s degree linkages. Consult an SWTJC counselor for more information.

Technical Programs Contacts

A Ruhmann
April S. Ruhmann
Dean of Applied Sciences and Liberal Arts
(830) 591-2920
(830) 591-7354 (fax) 
A Garza
Angie Garza
Administrative Assistant - Dean of
Applied Sciences and Workforce Education
(830) 591-4178
(830) 591-7354 (fax)  

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Programs of Study

General Education Core for Technical Programs

Students who are interested in obtaining an A.A.S. degree in the technical programs will be required to complete a specific number of semester hours from each of the following groups of general education courses. 


General Education Core for Technical Programs
Social and Behavioral Sciences Humanities and Fine Arts Natural Science and Math

(Formerly Group I)

(Formerly Group II)

(Formerly Group III)

ECON 2301

ARTS 1301, 1303, 1304

BIOL 1306,1307,1308,1309, 2401, 2402

PSYC 2301

HUMA 1301

CHEM 1311,1312

SOCI 1301

MUSI 1306

MATH 1314,1324,1332,1342, 2413


PHIL 1301, 2306

PHYS 1301, 1302



PHYS 2325, 2326


The remaining SCH requirement can include any Core Curriculum courses listed under “Core Curriculum Requirements” or those named in the specific A.A.S. degree.

Developmental courses cannot be used to satisfy elective course options in degree plans. 


Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to the technical programs through regular college admission procedures (see Admission Regulations section).

Students enrolled in an A.A.S. program must adhere to SWTJC TSI requirements as noted in TSI Information and Requirements in Admission Regulations section of the Catalog.  Students enrolled in one-year Certificates, which require 42 or fewer semester hours, are required to take the TSI Assessment prior to enrollment unless they are exempt under TSI requirements (See Exemptions from TSI.)  Students enrolled in these one-year certificate programs are not required to meet  TSI and/or developmental requirements.  Refer to individual certificate program requirements.  Enrolling in courses other than those required to complete the certificate program requires the student to meet all TSI and/or developmental requirements.


Tuition and Fees per Semester

Regular tuition and fees are charged for all of the technical programs as listed in this section (see Finance section).  Additional fees required for technical programs are listed individually under each program.



For courses/programs that lead to an opportunity for students to sit for state or industry licensure exams, please be advised that having a criminal background could keep you from being licensed in the State of Texas. If you have a question about your background and whether or not it will affect licensure related to this course/program, please speak with the course instructor or department coordinator. You also have the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter from the applicable licensing agency.

Technical Programs Dismissal and Suspension Policy

The following procedures will be followed regarding the dismissal or suspension of any student from any of the following programs:

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Automotive Technology
Aviation Maintenance
Business Office Technology
Child Development
Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice
Diesel Technology
Management Program
Radiologic Technology
Registered Nursing
Vocational Nursing
Welding Technology
Wildlife Management


The procedures are:

  1. A written request, from the instructor or division chairperson initiating the action, must be submitted to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.
  2. The reason for the request must be listed.  Excessive absenteeism and unethical behavior are to be considered reasons for immediate dismissal.  Failure to achieve and maintain the scholastic probation policy each semester will also be considered a reason for immediate dismissal.
  3. The student should be informed that procedures are pending and advised of the available options.
    1. Students can voluntarily accept the recommendations of the instructor and division chairperson, or;
    2. Students can request a decision from the appropriate Vice-President which they can accept, or;
    3. The decision of the Vice-President can be appealed to the Disciplinary Committee or the Admissions Committee (scholastic).  The recommendations of the committee can be accepted,
    4. The committee’s decision can be appealed to the President of the college.  The President’s decision can be accepted, or;
    5. The final decision can be requested from the Southwest Texas Junior College Board of Trustees

Technical Program Resources

Advisory Committee Meetings

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