Advising Services Offered

Career Exploration

We understand that not all students know what their major will be the moment they step onto the SWTJC Campus.  We encourage you to take ownership of researching possible majors and careers (and yes we will be there to help you as well). By you researching these possibilities you are helping yourself and your Success Coach to have productive conversations. 

We encourage students to select their major field of study as early as possible.  The planning of a course of study should be a collaboration between a student and the Success Coach.  Students should meet with a Success Coach on a regular basis to plan their field of study, monitor their progress toward their educational and career goals, review degree plans for graduation requirements, or any time the student has questions or concerns.

The community of Success Coaches at SWTJC has an open-door policy, come by to see us or schedule an appointment. The following websites can assist you in researching majors and careers which makes your time at SWTJC more productive.

Also, consider using your phone to download apps.  Look for “college majors” and “career search” apps. This way looking for information is at your fingertips. Here are some examples with links:

Monster Job Search

MyMajors Search

Simply Hired Job Search