Counseling Services Offered

Academic Counseling

Initial academic advisement for each semester is provided for all prospective and current students.  When enrolling in college for the first time, the student meets with a counselor for advisement and registration. 

Students should consult with a counselor or academic advisor each semester for approval of academic matters such as:

  • degree plans
  • choosing a major
  • choice of electives
  • course overloads
  • registration
  • adding or dropping courses
  • college services
  • educational goals and timelines

Degree Plans

We understand that not all students know what their major will be the moment they step onto the SWTJC Campus.  We encourage you to take ownership of researching possible majors and careers (and yes we will be there to help you as well). By you researching these possibilities you are helping yourself and your counselor/advisor to have productive conversations. 

We encourage students to select his or her major field of study as early as possible or at the latest, the spring semester of their sophomore year.  The planning of a course of study should be a collaboration between a student and the counselor or academic advisor.  Students should meet with a counselor/academic advisor on a regular basis to plan their field of study, monitor their progress toward their educational and career goals, review degree plans for graduation requirements, or any time the student has questions or concerns.

The community of counselors and advisors of SWTJC has an open door policy. So come by to see us. The following websites can assist you in researching majors and careers which makes your time at SWTJC more productive.

Also, consider using your phone to download apps.  Look for “college majors” and “career search” apps. This way looking for information is at your fingertips. Here are some examples with links:

Monster Job Search

MyMajors Search

Simply Hired Job Search

Personal Counseling

Counselors are available to assist SWTJC students in personal matters.  We are aware that personal matters may affect your educational goals and our counselors are here to offer an outlet to help you.  Counseling is available year-round to SWTJC students.  However, the college cannot provide long-term individual counseling.  Referral assistance is provided for those individuals needing more extensive counseling than the Counseling Centers are able to provide.

Counseling services are free and confidential.  Counseling visits are not recorded on transcripts and information is only released with students written consent or when required by law.

Students may call or visit the following offices to set up an appointment: 

  • Crystal City office (830) 374-2828
  • Eagle Pass office (830) 758-0022
  • Del Rio office (830) 775-1612
  • Uvalde students may visit the Counseling Center in the Flores Student Services Building or call (830) 591-7271

Advisors are also available on the Uvalde campus at the Student Support Services Office at (830) 591-7295.