Course instruction will be offered via online and hybrid distance learning modes of instruction for the Summer II Session, with courses meeting synchronously at scheduled times via Zoom or Teams. For the safety of our students and community, the May 2020 Graduation Ceremonies will be provided in a virtual format via YouTube on Saturday, July 11th. Visit our COVID-19 FAQs page for more information. SWTJC will observe summer hours through Friday, July 31st. Office hours will be Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The current work from home environment is still in place unless instructed otherwise.

Club Information

At SWTJC, there are two types of student groups.  The first type is a Student Organization and the second type is a Student Club.  Both types of student groups are required to register with the Student Activities Office and renew registration yearly.

Student Organization

A student organization is a group of students organized for and acting toward a particular cause. Typically organizations are institutional, departmental, or nationally affiliated.

Student Club

A club is a group of students organized with a similar interest for a social, religious, athletic, political, or other common purpose.

Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations are placed into one of the following categories based upon their interests, mission, and goals.  While their mission is not required to be tied to the college mission statement, it should not conflict with the college’s mission.

Academic Cultural Departmental Honor
Political Professional Religious Service
Special Interest Spirit Sport Club  

Uvalde Club Meetings

Student Ambassadors Organization

Ana Lisa Conde

Student Success Center







Lee Flores

Richard Flores



Auto Body Club

John Aviles

Auto Body Lab


Baseline Bums

Xaviera Haynes

By Arrangement 


Basketball Team - Men's

Basketball Team - Women's

Phillip Botello

Luis Fernandez

La Forge Hall

La Forge Hall


Catholic Student Club

Fernando Lombraña

Angie Gaucin

MSC Conference Rooms

Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Coffee Club

Ana Lisa Conde

Student Success Center

Wednesday, 8:30 am

Cosmetology Club

Vanessa Briones

Cosmetology Lab


Cross Country Team

Landra Fowler

La Forge Hall


Disc Golf

Krystal Ballesteros

Fly Memorial Building


Gaming Club

Vanessa Verjan

Marco Marquez

Leo Aviles

Hubbard Hall Lobby

Friday, 1:00 pm

Kinesiology Club

Landra Fowler

Phillip Botello

La Forge Hall Gym

Thursday, 12:00 pm

Law Enforcement Academy

Cadet Association - Middle Rio Grande

Andy Davila

Richarz Building


LVN Club

Amanda Hadley

LVN Center


Mariachi Club

Ramon Sanchez

Tate Auditorium

 Monday & Wednesday, 3:30 pm

Phi Theta Kappa - Uvalde

Randa Schell

Ryan Alldritt

Student Support Services


PSI-Ke Club

Kathy Santos

Tate 10


RAD Tech Club

Denise Vanderlick

Bonnie Clinebell

Radiology Lab


Rodeo Club

Joe David Almand


By Arrangement


Catarino Morales

Oscar Gaytan

Muraya Gonzales

Kincaid Lab Room 2

Thursday, 11:00 am

Student Activities Board

Teresa Crow

Student Activities Lounge

2nd & 4th Thursday, 12:00 pm

The Good Book Club

Krystal Ballesteros

Student Success Center

Thursday, 2:00 pm