Student Handbook Spring 2023

Welcome to Southwest Texas Junior College!

Founded 75 years ago, we have grown from a small, one-campus college into a wide-reaching college system. Along with three main college campuses and multiple outreach sites, we also offer dual credit courses in high schools throughout our eleven county service region. Additionally, we work closely with state and national four-year colleges and universities to support and encourage continuing education through transfer.

Our goal is to provide every student with what they need to become successful. We offer degrees in a broad range of fields and disciplines, including Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science. Certified technical programs are available for students who wish to learn or improve upon a trade skill. We support a wide student demographic with programs that include English as a Second Language and Adult Basic Education.

As a growing institution, we are continuously evaluating and improving our offerings to students. In recent years, we have taken steps to improve and update facilities, sometimes building new structures or introducing new technology, sometimes updating existing spaces. Our online presence has increased with more internet classes, greater wireless access at our sites, more smart classrooms, a re-designed website, and social networking connections. Even our organizational structure has been updated for greater efficiency and better student access to administrative channels. 

Southwest Texas Junior College administration, faculty, and staff work hard to make SWTJC both an excellent education and an excellent college-going experience. We are here for our students – their success is our success. 

Dr. Hector Gonzales
Southwest Texas Junior College 


Directory of Student Services

Academic Advising

Academic Advising


Uvalde Campus

(830) 591-7271


Del Rio Campus

(830) 703-1505


Eagle Pass Campus

(830) 758-4523


Crystal City Campus

(830) 374-2828


Pearsall Campus

(830) 334-5004


Hondo Regional Training Center

(830) 426-2018

Disability Support Services 

Disability Support Services


Uvalde, Crystal City, Hondo, and Pearsall

(830) 591-2908


Eagle Pass Campus

(830) 758-4156


Del Rio Campus

(830) 703-1593

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Uvalde Campus

Uvalde Campus, Flores Student Services Building

(830) 591-7368

Eagle Pass Campus

Eagle Pass Campus, Administration Building

(830) 758-4117

Del Rio Campus

Del Rio Campus, Administration Building

(830) 703-1507

Crystal City Campus

Crystal City Campus, Administration Building

(830) 374-2828

Hondo and Pearsall

Uvalde Campus, Flores Student Services Building

(830) 591-7368

 Library Services                                                  

Library Services

Uvalde Campus

Will C. Miller Memorial Library

(830) 591-7254

Eagle Pass Campus


(830) 758-4107

Del Rio Campus

DR-B Building

(830) 703-1574

Crystal City Campus

Victor H. Lopez Library & Study Center

(830) 374-2828

 Registrar/ Admissions Offices 

Registrar/Admissions Offices

Uvalde Campus

Flores Building

(830) 591-7255

Eagle Pass Campus 

Administration Building

(830) 758-4100

Del Rio Campus

Chandler Building DR-C

(830) 703-1550

Crystal City Campus

Instructional Facility

(830) 374-2828

SWTJC Administrators                                                                

SWTJC Administrators


Dr. Hector Gonzales

(830) 591-7281

Vice President of Administrative Services

Derek Sandoval

(830) 591-7284

Vice President Student Services

Margot Mata

(830) 591-7223

Vice President Finance

Lisa Ermis

(830) 591-2935

Vice President Academic Affairs

Dr. Mark Underwood

(830) 591-7286

Vice President Eagle Pass

Gilbert Bermea, Jr

(830) 758-4111

Vice President Del Rio

Connie Buchanan

(830) 703-1555

Dean of Liberal Arts and Adult Education and Literacy

Dr. Cheryl Sanchez

(830) 591-7202

Dean of Applied Sciences and Workforce Education

Johnny Guzman

(830) 591-7264

Dean of Instructional Services and School District Partnerships

Charles A. Garabedian

(830) 591-7262

(830) 703-1582

Student Services Directors

Student Services Directors

Director of Admissions & Registrar

Uvalde, Flores Building

(830) 591-7280

Business Office Director

Uvalde, Flores Building

(830) 591-7292

Financial Aid Director

Uvalde, Flores Building

(830) 591-7318

Senior Director of Student Success Services

Uvalde, Flores Building

(830) 591-7376

Outreach Director

Uvalde, Administration Building

(830) 591-7244

Library Services Director

Uvalde, Miller Memorial Building

(830) 591-7252

Director of Information Technology - Operations & Infrastructure

Uvalde, Wagner Building

(830) 591-7259



Southwest Texas Junior College is a comprehensive, public college serving eleven counties in Southwest Texas. The College provides accessible, affordable, high-quality education that prepares students to successfully transfer to senior colleges and universities, enter the job market, pursue their professional and personal goals, and contribute to the economic growth of the region.


Academic/Technical Advising

Advising services offers a range of services to assist SWTJC students with academic advising including career exploration/planning, registration, degree planning, transfer assistance and guidance to maintain/improve acceptable academic standing.

Resources available to students include student planning, an active learning tool engaging students to identify academic goals, develop a degree plan and conduct assessment of progress each semester. Academic advisors and faculty members assist students through this process, promoting learning and helping students develop a path toward self-sufficiency.  

To assure quality advising, Success Coach training is available each semester to supplement the advising handbook that is provided to each advisor at all campuses.  In addition, Succes Coaches work with students who are on scholastic probation and suspension.  The Success Coaches, in collaboration with other college departments, identify strategies to assist students in improving their academic status.  These strategies are in alignment with the institution’s strategic plans and mission.  Staff are fully trained to provide these services at their locations (Eagle Pass, Del Rio, Crystal City, Hondo, and Pearsall).  These services are available through various modes: face-to-face advising, virtual, scheduling advising days at other locations, via e-mail, via telephone, and by visiting the advising website. 


Stand-alone, face-to-face courses are courses that WILL BE OFFERED ON CAMPUS. You will be in a SWTJC classroom with your peers and your instructor for live instruction.

This is a course that will be scheduled at set days and times and WILL BE HELD ON CAMPUS. Your instructor will originate the course from a selected site. You will join your peers and your instructor for live, virtual instruction in a SWTJC classroom.


This is a course that will be scheduled at set days and times and WILL NOT BE HELD ON CAMPUS. It will be delivered via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Canvas Conference. You will join your peers and your instructor for live, virtual instruction REMOTELY.

This course will be taught completely online via our Learning Management System, Canvas. You will complete this course on your own time following the instructions provided by the instructor.
Go to the SWTJC Canvas link at to log in to Canvas and click on the online class.


This is a course that will be taught in two delivery modes. A portion of the course will be scheduled at set days and times and WILL BE HELD ON CAMPUS. You will join your peers and your instructor for live instruction. The other portion of the course will be taught online via our Learning Management System, Canvas. You will be responsible for attending class and for completing online activities outside of the scheduled class time.

This is a course that will be taught in two REMOTE delivery modes. A portion of the course will be scheduled at set days and times and WILL NOT BE HELD ON CAMPUS. It will be delivered via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Canvas Conference. You will join your peers and your instructor for live, virtual instruction. The other portion of the course will be taught online via our Learning Management System, Canvas. You will be responsible for attending class and for completing online activities outside of the scheduled class time.

This is a course that provides free or very low-cost instructional materials for the students. Open Resource courses may be taught in any instructional mode.

Testing and Assessment

Services provided by the Testing Centers include on-site administration of various placement and assessment exams.  Please visit the SWTJC Testing Center website for detailed information. 

Vocational interests, aptitude and personality inventories are available to support career planning or personal guidance by SWTJC Success Coaches. Students are advised to make an appointment with their assigned Success Coach in order to discuss these options. 

The Testing Center mission is to deliver quality-testing services conducive for student success to current students, prospective students, and the community. Highly qualified testing professionals administer all tests and adhere to the recommended professional standards of the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines.

The Center is also bound by the privacy restrictions set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


School adopted textbooks, materials, and supplies are available at the college bookstore for all college courses. It is highly recommended that once you have registered, to reserve your required textbooks at the college bookstore. This guarantees your book will be reserved, and you won’t have to stress and wait in lines the first week of class. Reserved books will be held for you until the Friday before classes start. All reserved books will be returned to the shelves if not picked up by the Friday before classes start. Reserving your books can be done in person or by the phone at (830) 591-7270. All the information that the bookstore needs is your name, phone number and the courses you are taking. The bookstore will take care of the rest. Once all your books are ready, you will receive a phone call notifying you that your books are ready to be picked up. For those students not able to come into our bookstore, you can shop our website 24/7 at All books and required materials are indicated under each course and section. The bookstore offers about 90% of their books as Rentable Books. This gives the students the opportunity to save money up front. When renting your books, you pay a lower cost to use the book for that semester only. The book would be required to be returned at the end of that semester in good condition. The savings is received up front without having to wait until buy back to potentially get cash for your books. A credit is required to rent books, that card information would be held until the end of the semester. If books are not returned by the return due date, the student's credit card will be charged a replacement fee and late fee. The book rental opportunity is a great option for students; always remember to return your rented books by the due date. If using Financial Aid, you will be able to purchase your textbooks and materials needed for your courses. Please check with the Financial Aid Department or Bookstore Representative on last day to use financial aid in the bookstore each semester. One of the major opportunities for our students is the Buy Back Book Policy. The bookstore buys back books all year long. Stop by and see if your books have some resale value. During the week of final exams, it is a great opportunity to stop by and sale your used books. The buyback policy for the summer session differs from fall and spring semester. Students should contact the college bookstore for Buy Back dates and any questions.

Career Coaching/Planning

Career assessment, exploration, and planning are vital components for students in making career decisions. Academic Advising and Transfer and Career Center assists students with career planning, identifying their career objectives and exploring future needs, likes and dislikes, career paths, long-term and short-term goals. Transfer and Career Success Coaches may suggest that students take various interest and career tests, including a computerized career exploration system. Students may also visit our Transfer/Career Center for assistance with transferring or career interest inventory assessments.

Child Care Services

Powers & Kirchner Child Development Center (SWTJC Daycare) provides a positive and developmentally appropriate environment for your child to thrive. The center provides services for children newborn to 12 years of age. Parents are always welcome to come by and visit the center at any time, we look forward to getting to know all of our families. A student who owes the College money will not be allowed to register for the next semester until the entire balance is paid.

New Student Orientation

Orientation is required for the following new students:

  1. Students who have never attended college.
  2. Students who have attended another college, but have completed less than 12 semester hours.
  3. Students who plan to graduate from SWTJC with an Associate of Arts Degree, Associate of Applied Science Degree, or a College Certification.

Students must attend orientation at the campus which they plan to attend. 

Disability Support Services (DSS) 

Disability Support Services (DSS), in collaboration with SWTJC faculty, staff, and affiliates, aim to promote opportunities for all students to achieve their academic, cultural, and social interests by ensuring that campus programs, activities, and facilities are accessible.

Additional information, application for services, and student handbooks are available to read and/or print.

Students with permanent disabilities who qualify for support under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act must self-identify and register with the DSS Success Coach at the campus they plan to attend. To be eligible for disability related services, students must have a documented disability condition as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Students seeking academic accommodations in the classrooms are highly encouraged to provide appropriate documentation verifying their disability from a professional who is certified. Documents used in high school like an Individual Academic Plan (IAP), 504 Plan, or ARD Reports will not substitute for an evaluation/report, but are valuable tools for planning accommodations. Speak to your DSS advisor on your campus about documentation for further assistance. All information is kept confidential.

Note: Students who desire to bring an emotional support animal on campus housing must submit appropriate documentation and register with the DSS office. 


The purpose of the SWTJC CARE Team is to provide assistance to students in distress through confidential consultation with concerned faculty, staff, and students; communication between departments; and referral to resources both on and off campus.

In particular, the CARE Team consults regarding students whose behaviors are of concern because they may pose a threat to themselves or others. The Team’s primary focus is preventative rather than punitive, with the goals of assisting students to succeed and educating concerned others about ways to help distressed students.

Financial Aid 

The Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) administers grants, scholarships, work-study opportunities and loans at the college. Financial aid funds can be used for tuition, books, transportation and other educational related expenses. 

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in applying for financial aid. It can be assessed at The SWTJC Federal School Code is: 003614. 

Food Services

Campus food services include both a snack bar and cafeteria in the Student Center for students, faculty, staff, and guests.  The cafeteria also provides weekly meals for students holding a room and board plan. 

Health Services 

For life-threatening episodes such as heart attack and uncontrolled bleeding, 911 should be called first to report the emergency. The SWTJC campus police department, at (830) 591-7333 or ext. 7333 should be alerted to every emergency. 

Students with life-threatening illnesses, including but not limited to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and AIDS, may wish to continue participating in activities, including classroom attendance. When medical evidence indicates that the health status of these students is not a threat to themselves or others, the College and faculty will ensure that they are treated consistently with other students.

Health and Fitness/Intramural Activities

Building Character through Sports

Preparing Student for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle: Character-Knowledge-Confidence

Intramural Sports at Southwest Texas Junior College strives to provide students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to nurture their character, pursue physical fitness and make intelligent decisions within a competitive recreational environment.

Intramural Sports Mission

The Intramural Sports Program is committed to fostering good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyle choices through recreational and competitive fun.  This unique environment supports the overall mission of the college by promoting physical fitness, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and positive social relationships.  Intramural Sports are organized recreational coed sports that allow students at SWTJC to participate in a variety of team and individual sports. Competition exists, but the real focus of intramural sports is health and exercise, social interaction, stress reduction, sportsmanship, and teamwork.  The Intramural Sports Program at SWTJC strives to provide opportunities to develop life-long leadership skills.


All SWTJC students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in our Intramural Sports Program.  SWTJC students must be enrolled in the current academic semester.


  • Teach participants to work within teams and build relationships.
  • Provide student leaders and organizations a means of developing community within their organizations and residence life.
  • Offer participants the opportunity to encourage and challenge themselves and one another.
  • Help players improve both their physical and mental well-being.
  • Encourage the development of new skills and competencies.
  • Introduce participants, especially our students, to activities which will serve them throughout their lifetime.

Available Sports – Coed Intramural Sports

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Bootcamp


Early move-in to Southwest Texas Junior College housing before the contract date will not be granted.


Hubbard Hall - Co-ed Dorm; The room costs for the 2022-2023 academic year (per semester) are:

                                                                                    Summer I/II  Fall/Spring

Double room (un-renovated)                                           $484.00       $1,300.00      

Private room (un-renovated)                                           $660.00        $1,700.00

Double room (renovated)                                                $572.00        $1,500.00      

Private room (renovated)                                                $748.00        $2,000.00

Private room suites (Only 2 Available)                            $825.00        $2,500.00

Garner Hall - All Girls Dorm:

Double room                                                                  Closed         $1,500.00      

Private room                                                                  Closed          $1,700.00


Meal plans are required for all students. SWTJC recognizes the variance of eating habits and offers 3 choices of plans. Meals begin each semester on the first day of class and ends at the end of the semester. No food services are provided during breaks.     

The board plan costs for the 2022-2023 academic year (per semester) are:

Board Plan A:    $1,500.00 per semester (14 meals per week –Breakfast 5 days/week, Lunch 5 days/week, and Dinner 4 days/week)

Board Plan B:    $1,000.00 per semester (breakfast and lunch 5 days a week)

Board Plan C:    $1,300.00 per semester (lunch 5 days/week and dinner 4 days/week)

Southwest Texas Junior College has administrative responsibility to control and regulate student conduct and behavior that tends to impede, obstruct or threaten the fulfillment of the educational goals of the College, or that tends to impede, obstruct or threaten the legal rights of others on the campus. Therefore, SWTJC has the responsibility and authority to formulate and enforce rules of student conduct necessary for the maintenance of order and property where such rules are reasonable and necessary to further the educational goals of the College. In order to create a positive climate for learning, students are expected to abide by all rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the College. 

Application process:

  1. Complete the SWTJC Housing Application.
  2. Receive a bacterial meningitis vaccine. This is state-mandated. Please note that a complete bacterial meningitis vaccine takes 10 days (to determine absence/presence of virus). You will not be eligible for housing until you have completed the vaccine process.
  3. Turn in application, documentation of bacterial meningitis vaccine, and $150 deposit to the SWTJC Business Office (located in the Flores building).
  4. Must complete, sign, and turn in the Housing Contract to the Business Office.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center provides support with the goal of increasing student success by assisting students in making a seamless transition from beginner courses to university degree completion.

The Centers provide:

  • computer access
  • peer tutoring services in all subjects (in-person and virtual)
  • Individual Academic Plans (IAPs)
  • equipment and textbook rentals to students

Centers are open to all SWTJC students, and are located on Uvalde, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and Crystal City campuses.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is committed to supporting student efforts to improve comprehensive writing skills. We promote success in student writing which will aid students in their quest to: 1) enter the job market, 2) transfer to senior colleges and universities, 3) pursue their professional and personal goals.

Our ultimate goal is that every student who visits the Writing Center exhibits improved writing skills when they leave, and that repeat visits to the Writing Center promote a cumulative, positive effect on student writing skills.

We collaborate with multiple services and institutions, including SWTJC's Student Success Center and Sul Ross University - Rio Grande College, to promote this goal.


TutorMe is an online tutoring platform available to all current SWTJC students. TutorMe offers tutoring in all subjects offered by SWTJC and tutors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can access TutorMe by logging into Canvas and click on the TutorMe icon. For questions or issues, please contact Ana Lisa Conde at

Library Services

SWTJC libraries provide access to information in print and electronic format and serve as a place to study. Library staff are available to provide assistance for on-site and electronic resources. A current SWTJC I.D. card must be presented to check out computers, books, and course reserves. 

Access to databases, e-books, websites, and the library online catalog are available at all campus libraries. Wireless Internet access is also available in all campus libraries. Coin-operated photocopy machines are also available.

The library collections include magazines, journals, newspapers, literary criticisms, children’s books and other print and non-print materials to support instruction. Circulating books are checked out for a period of three weeks. The circulation/reserve desk maintains material that faculty have placed on reserve for students to use in the library and can be checked out for 2 hours. The SWTJC libraries participate in the TexShare Program that allows students to obtain TexShare cards to utilize resources at other participating Texas college and public libraries.

For more specific information and for campus library hours, contact the campus libraries or view the campus library webpages.

The library is able to offer assistance through chat, e-mail, text, and by phone.

Student Wellness 

Various circumstances can inhibit academic performance. Success Coaches are professionals who care about the personal and academic well-being of students. 

When appropriate, Success Coaches will refer the student to community or private resources.  They also can help students become academically successful by referrals to various college resources such as time management, stress management, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), SAVE Act training, developing effective study habits, enhancing communication skills, minimizing test anxiety, and exploring opportunities for the evolution of critical and independent thinking. 

The Success Coaches' role is to assist students in developing self-awareness and self-satisfaction as well as taking individual responsibility for personal growth and development.

Registrar’s Office 

The Registrar's Office provides a variety of services to students. Most services also are available online through Self-Service.

  1. Admission and readmission to the College
  2. Academic Fresh Start
  3. Registration assistance and information about credit and continuing education courses
  4. Information about academic policies and procedures
  5. Unofficial and official transcript requests
  6. Student record information and updates
  7. Assistance with course withdrawals
  8. Verification of enrollment
  9. Certification for Department of Veterans Affairs education benefits
  10. Residency determination and eligibility for tuition waivers and exemptions

A SWTJC I.D., driver's license, or other photo identification is required for most in-office business transactions. An SWTJC ID can be obtained at the library on each campus at the following locations: Uvalde, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Crystal City campuses. Students must present proof of registration and a valid state ID or license as identification prior to being issued an SWTJC ID. 

Student Life

The Student Life offices at the Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Uvalde campuses provide a wide variety of educational experiences with the direct goal of enhancing leadership skills, refining communication and collaboration skills, and developing problem-solving skills. Student Life programs meets students’ individual needs and interests, as well as enhance their academic experiences.

Events and activities include speakers, cultural arts, collaborative, co-curricular programs, leaderships training, and clubs and organizations. Student organizations fulfill a variety of student interests. A list of organizations and a calendar of events and activities can be found on the Featured Events section of Any group of students wishing to meet on behalf of a common interest may seek organization status by consulting with the student life coordinator at your campus.

Del Rio - (830) 703-1593; Eagle Pass - (830) 758-4142; Uvalde - (830) 591-7284

Transfer Information & Advising

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are written agreements between two and four year institutions that describe partnership to facilitate the transfer process. This can include, but is not limited to: transferability or associate degree programs, exchange of information, recruitment/admissions processes and support services, development of 2 + 2 plans, core curricula equivalents, transfer guides for specific majors and/or course equivalency tables.

2 + 2 Degree Plans and Transfer Guides

Degree plans and/or guides are available for most major Texas colleges and universities. This makes it easier for the student to determine what courses will transfer to a particular institution in the desired major. Joint admissions agreements and 2+2 degree plans are available with a number of institutions.

Services for Active Military, Reservists, and Veterans

Southwest Texas Junior College is approved by the Texas Veterans Commission to participate as a District in veterans’ educational programs under one facility code, located at 1500 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. Certification for Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) educational assistance benefits are processed by each Registrar's Office. Applications for benefits should be submitted prior to registration. The Department of Veterans Affairs and the College require that veterans qualifying under Chapters 30, 35, 1606 and 1607 must enroll for 12 semester hours in a regular semester and 4 semester hours each six- week summer term in order to be eligible for full-time benefits. Veterans qualifying under Chapter 33, Post- 9/11/2001 are certified based on rate of pursuit and must enroll in at least operetta of the hours required to be full-time students in order to receive their monthly housing allowance.

A Veterans’ Advocate is available in the Registrar’s Office to provide information about College programs and services and, as needed, to provide liaison with other college offices.

State regulations provide financial and academic options to National Guard members and reservists who are called into active service after the beginning of a semester:

  1. Withdrawal from courses with grade of W and complete refund of tuition;
  1. Receive an Incomplete (I) grade for the semester’s coursework with a contract to complete at a specified date in the future; or
  1. Receive an appropriate grade (as determined by each instructor) if a substantial amount of coursework has been completed.

State regulations do not provide any option to refund tuition of students in active military whose duties require extended absences from classes.

Withdrawal for Active Military Service

The College may require reasonable proof of the fact and duration of student’s military assignment.

Active military members who incur temporary or intermittent absences due to their military assignment will be allowed to complete assignments and examinations within a reasonable time following the absence/s; excused absence/s are allowed for up to 25 percent of the total class meetings or the contact hour equivalent.

Students who must withdraw from the College to perform active military service as a member of the United States Armed Forces or the Texas National Guard must be accorded certain accommodations except when that service is solely to perform one or more training exercises as a member of the Texas National Guard.

For any academic term that begins after the date a student described above is released from active military service but not later than the first anniversary of that date, the College from which the student withdrew shall readmit the student, without requiring reapplication if the student is otherwise eligible to register for classes. On readmission of the student under this subsection, the College shall:

  1. Provide to the student any financial assistance previously provided before the student’s withdrawal if the student meets current eligibility requirements for the assistance other than a requirement of continuous enrollment, and
  1. Allow the student the same academic status as before the student’s withdrawal, including any course credit awarded to the student by the College.

The campus Business Services Office is in charge of all financial transactions including collection and accounting of all tuition and fees, and returned checks. Payroll checks for student assistants and work-study students are distributed from the Business Services Office.

Payment Information

Students are responsible for prompt payment of all financial obligations to the College. Students who knowingly give the College a check, draft or money order with intent to defraud the College are subject to disciplinary action.

Payment by check, cash or credit card can be made at any campus Business Services Office.  Payment plans are available for payment of tuition. The student will be responsible for all collection costs and attorney fees. Restitution of funds is the responsibility of the student when a bank returns a check. A $25 fee per check will be charged to the student’s account. Southwest Texas Junior College will stop accepting checks if this activity continues to occur. A stop payment on tuition checks will be considered as NSF which may also cause the withdrawal of students from courses. To officially withdraw, contact the Admissions Office.  Returned checks, delinquent installment contracts, and past due student balances will be sent to a third-party agency for collection. Additional fees will be assessed.

A voucher must be submitted to the Business Services Office by the payment deadline if payment is to be provided by any agency or organization. Documentation to qualify for state reimbursed programs (TANF/AFDC Recipients, and National Guard Scholarships) and evidence of eligibility for payment from the Texas Tomorrow Fund should be submitted each semester to the Business Services Office by the payment deadline.

It is the responsibility of students to be aware of tuition payment due dates assigned for a semester. Failure to pay tuition or to make payment arrangements by the deadline may result in students being dropped from their courses. Students are responsible for dropping any course they do not wish to be enrolled in, and for verifying that they have been withdrawn from unpaid courses.

Students have two payment options they may choose: Ecashier is available through the college website, Students may use Ecashier to pay tuition under an installment plan and will be assessed a $25.00 non-refundable fee. Students may also use Ecashier to pay in full and only be assessed a $2.00 fee. E-commerce is available through Self-Service on the college’s website. This payment method is to pay tuition in full without a fee.

Refund of Tuition and Fees

A student should be aware of refund implications when dropping a course. Special-length courses may have a refund schedule different than the published standard term schedule. A student may inquire about these at the Business Services Office. Refunds are generated automatically on withdrawal from a class. Refunds are processed four to six weeks after the 12th class day. Refunds are processed by the issuance of a check from the Business Office or through a third party provider, BANKMOBILE. Students will receive a refund selection kit from BANKMOBILE to choose their preferred method for receiving refunds. Students will be charged a fee to replace a lost BANKMOBILE card. A student who has opted for the installment payment plan, has dropped classes, and/or withdraws from the College is responsible for the full payment of the promissory note. Refunds will be applied to any balance due on the note.

Report Enrollment as of the Official Census Date

Report enrollment as of the official census date. The official census dates are the twelfth class day of the fall and spring semesters and the fourth class day of each summer session. The 1st and 2nd 8 week semester census dates are on the 6th class day. On or before the official census date, each student eligible for inclusion shall have paid in full the amount set as tuition by the respective governing board or, where applicable, have valid accounts receivable on record. Do not include students who withdraw from a class on or before the census date.

Students are allowed to pay their tuition and fees in installments. Such students are required to have fully operational installment contract by the payment due date (census date) to be in good standing. This includes receipt of a first installment payment prior to the beginning of the semester. Students with non-payment or payment arrangements for tuition will be dropped from courses for each semester.

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