Virtual Turkey Trot

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2020 Participant Photos

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Irma Garcia

Turkey Trot David Forbes

Dr. David Forbes

Turkey Trot Nick and Olivia Rish

Nick and Olivia Rish

Turkey Trot Esperanza Gonzales

Esperanza Gonzales

Turkey Trot Raul Valdez

Raul Valdez

Turkey Trot Ann Martinez

Ann Martinez

Turkey Trot Laurynn & Madelynn Mize

Laurynn & Madelynn Mize

Turkey Trot Debra Navarro

Debra Navarro

Turkey Trot Nora Gonzalez

Nora Gonzalez

Turkey Trot Kaylee Longoria

Kaylee Longoria

Turkey Trot Luis Padilla

Luis Padilla

Turkey Trot T Nordwick

Thomas Nordwick

Turkey Trot Nason Hinman

Nason Hinman

Turkey Trot Wymberley Pfalmer

Wymberley Pfalmer

Turkey Trot Underwood Family

Underwood Family

Turkey Trot President Gonzales & Family

President Gonzales & Family

Turkey Trot Fowler Family

Fowler Family

Turkey Trot Lilia Salinas

Lilia Salinas

Turkey Trot John Canales

John Canales

Prize Categories

“Trim” your Beanie by “Dressing” It Up!

#Gobble-luscious Award – Most Want-to-eat-your-beanie Beanie

Winner - Irma Garcia

Runner-Up - Dr. David Forbes

#Turkish Delight Award – Most Visually Appealing Beanie

Winner - Luis Padilla

Runner-up - Nora Gonzalez

#Strut Your Stuff-ing Award – Best Organized Beanie

Winner - Lilia Salinas

Runner-up - Ann Martinez

#Cutest Giblet Award – Cutest Youth Beanie

Winner - Kaylee Longoria

Runner-up - Esperanza Gonzales

#Hot Tamale Award – Best Mexican Themed Beanie

Winner - Wymberley Pfalmer

Runner-up - Debra Navarro

#Wild Turkey Award – Oddest Looking Beanie

Winner - Thomas Nordwick

Runner-up - Nason Hinman

#Crème de la Crème Award – Best Dessert Themed Beanie

Winner - Raul Valdez

Runner-up - John Canales

#Wishbone Winner – Duo with Best Thanksgiving Themed Beanies

Winner - Laurynn & Madelynn Mize

Runner-up - Nick & Olivia Rish

#Cornucopia Award – Group with Best Thanksgiving Themed Beanies

Winner - Underwood Family

Runner-up - President Gonzales & Family

Runner-up - Fowler Family

#Drumstick Honor – Runner-up in each category 


Come Here Go There - our turkeys get to go EVERYWHERE!

Join our 36th Annual SWTJC Turkey Trot Virtual Event

Friday, November 20 - Thursday, November 26

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General Information

Southwest Texas Junior College will host the 36th Annual SWTJC Turkey Trot as a virtual event. Due to the continuing restrictions to avoid large gatherings, we will offer virtual options to maintain safety for our community while promoting a long-standing Southwest Texas tradition.

Virtual Event Categories and Fees
Virtual Events: Fees:
5K Run or Walk** $30
10K Run or Walk** $30
1 Mile Run or Walk Kids** $25
5K Bike, 8K Bike, 16K Bike** $30
Race Swag Only** $30
Race Shirt Only** $15
Race Beanie Hat Only** $15
Race Shirt and Beanie Hat** $25
Race Swag Only sale ends on November 26, 2020
**Fees apply for payment processing 


Event Information
Event Date: November 20, 2020 - November 26, 2020
Registration Fee: $30 - $40

Early Registration: $30

September 20, 2020 - November 13, 2020. The race packet will be mailed on November 16, 2020. Your shirt size is guaranteed.

Registration includes an AWESOME finisher medal, t-shirt, and race commemorative beanie hat.

Late Registration: $40

November 14, 2020 - November 26, 2020. The race packet mailed out within two days of order. Your shirt size is not guaranteed.

Registration includes an AWESOME finisher medal, t-shirt, and race commemorative beanie hat.

How Virtual Run Works:

  • Register to secure your spot.

  • Get your commemorative event gear mailed straight to your door!

  • Run/Walk/Bike the distance on a course of your choosing between Friday, November 20th - Thanksgiving Day, November 26th. Feel free to use your favorite tracking app or sports watch to help keep track of your time and distance.

  • Submit your results and post your picture, share (brag!) with your friends using this year’s commemorative beanie contest. This year we will award: "Trim" Your Beanie by "Dressing" it Up awards: Post your #tag entry photo of you strutting your stuff. The most likes in each category will receive some "Extra Stuffing" in the mail. "Trim" Your Beanie by "Dressing" it up contest is open to all virtual event categories.

  • Take a picture showing that you completed your virtual run, send it to us at and/or post it on social media using the hashtag: #SWTJCturkeytrot, #SWTJCvirtualrun and tag us @swtjc.